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3 ALS - SPlett _ Exercises pagg.138-139-143
by SPlett - (2017-11-12)
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1 At no time did he think he would be an eyewitness to such a serious crime

2 Little did Peter believe he would pass the exam

3 Seldom does he bring his mobile phone to school

4 No sooner had he entered his house than he heard an explosion

5 Not only did the robber escape on a motorcycle but he also took a big amount of money.


1 Hardly had she left the house when it started to rain

2 Rarely do we get the chance to see our friends once a week

3 Under no circumstances will they let him off this time

4 Never should you break the school rules if you don't want to be punished

5 Only when he apologises, will I speak to him

6 So kind was she to me that I didn't believe my ears

7 Such a difficult exercise was it that I didn't/couldn't do it.


1 This is the student whose mobile phone was stolen.

2 That's the house where I live.

3 They gave me some books none of which were mine.

4 That is the man to whom she was talking.

5 Jane Sanders is a film star who is very popular.


1 He never has a lot of money on him for fear of being robbed.

2 He invented an alibi so that he could prove his innocence.

3 They were late due to heavy traffic.

4 This device is for opening cans easily.

5 Not until all the students went out, did the teacher leave the classroom.


1 On no account did I destroy school property.

2 Never before have I covered a wall with graffiti and I would like to apologise.

3 This is the student whom I suspect of stealing my money.

4 Not once did I try to cheat.



1 No, I wouldn't.

2 Yes, I sometimes do it.

3 No, I wouldn't.


1 B soap opera

2 C suspense and fun

3 A fun ending

4 C gripping true story

5 A brilliantly fits to the scene

6 C the one whose lead actor's performance is not convincing

7 B may not appeal to adults because it's tiring