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3ALS - AColaut - Exercises page 138 - 139 - 143
by AColaut - (2017-11-12)
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Exercises page 138 139

Exercise A page 138

1)Did he think he would be an eyewitness to such a serious crime

2)Did Peter belive he would pass the exam

3)Does he brings his mobile phone to school

4)Had he entered his house than he heard an explosion

5)Did the robber escape on a motorcycle but he also took a big amount of money

Exercise B page 138

1)Hardly had she left the house when it started to rain

2)Rarely did we get the chance to see our friends once a week

3)Under no circumstances will they let him off this time

4)Never should you break the school rules if you don’t want to be punished

5)Only when he apologises, will I speak to him

6)So kind was she to me that I didn’t belive my ears

7)Such a difficult exercise was it that I couldn’t do it

Exercise C page 139

1)This is the student whose mobile phone was stolen

2)That’s the house where I lived that’s the house in which were mine

3)They gave me some books none of which were mine

4)That is the man she was talking to

5)Jane Sanders, who is a film star, is very popular

Exercise D page 139

1)He never has a lot of money on him for fear of being robbed

2)He invented an alibi so that he could prove his innocence

3)They were late due to heavy traffic

4)This device is for opening cans easily

5)Not until all the students went out, did the teacher leave the classroom

Exercise E page 139

1)On no account did I destroy school property

2)Never before have I covered a wall of my school with graffiti and I would like to apologise

3)That’s the student whom I suspect of stealing my money

4)Not once did I try to cheat

Listening page 143

Exercise B page 143