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3ALS-NCasotto_argumentative text
by NCasotto - (2017-11-14)
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It is clear that write an argumentative text is not a child’s play. It suppose indeed to have reasoned and demonstrable opinions about the object of discussion.
Therefore, to face up to the organization of an argumentative text, you need to build an argumentative structure in which the reader can locate the logical thread of reasoning we intend to demonstrate.
So good rule would be drive the reader in this process by offering them orientation lines.
These orientative lines must be immediate feedback in the textual organization of the paragraphs, in which each must have a specific function.
Established the structure that is intended to give the text lyrical knowing that it has proper vocabulary and morphosyntactic baggage (choice of the lexicon, functional registers to the textual typology, knowledge of the rules and ideals).
The chiose of the register allows the reader to understand how much he writes has about the subject.
An adequate argumentative text generally concludes with a synthesis, a personal opinion as it has been written. It is a good rule to realize that this conclusion can only be logically related to what is write in the introduction.

It is true that music is very important form of communication, is thanks to this that people can open with others. Music is a tool that brings people together, indeed someone became friends with another one who listen to the same kind of music and so I’m going to explain why I think that music is very significant for teenagers today.
To begin with, music can be organized in most different types like rock, pop, rap, classic music and today teens are used to listening to pop and rap music because that are popular.
Every kind of music sends us a different message; this messages make us remember some beautiful moments, a sad or an happy.
Teenagers today can listen to music everywhere through a small tools like ipod, smathphone ecc.
In addition, frequently we associate some songs to people who are very important for us and so when we listen to that song we think about that people with whom we shared that particular song.
Today, teenagers usually listen to music because they want to isolate from the world and they find in the music what is not in the real world, because they are carried by the text and lyrics of the song.
Concluding, I think that music is very prominent because through it we can day-dream and we can relax there during a bad moment.