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FBenincasa Ex. pag.138-139; listening pag. 143
by FBenincasa - (2017-11-14)
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Grammar p.138-139

1) did he think he would be an eyewitness to such a serious crime

2) did he believe he would pass the exam

3) does he bring his mobile phone to school

4) had he entered his house than he heard an explosion

5) did the robber escape on a motorcycle but he also took a big amount of money

1) Hardly had she left the house when it started to rain.

2) Rarely do we get the chance to see our friend once a week.

3) Under no circumstances will they let him off this time.

4) Never should you break the school rules if you don’t want be punished

5) Only when he apologises, will I speak to him.

6) So kind was she to me that I didn’t believe my ears.

7) Such a difficult exercise is it that I didn’t do it.

Listening p.143