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3ALS - AColaut - Text about teenagers and music
by AColaut - (2017-11-14)
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Text about teenagers and music

There is no doubt that tennagers spend a lot of time listening to music or watching music videos and say music is one of the most important things in their lifes.

For teenagers listening to music is the best thing to do in their spare time, because it makes them happy and it is a good way for satying toghether and having fun. They use music to relax and focus forgetting about everything around them, travelling with their mind in another imaginary universe where there are only positive feelings and calm.

Music can even change the way of thinking of a teenager, depending on the type of music and the lyirics they are listening to. So it can make it better or worse. Last but not least music is important to express some feelings that can’t be explained with words but only listening to the melody.

So to sum up, music is a good thing and is positive that teenagers listen to it, opening their minds.