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3ALS - GBenvenuto - How music affects teens
by GBenvenuto - (2017-11-14)
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Today for young people music is all about and escortes many moments of their day.
There is not a precise time to stop listening to it, today music is the soundtrack of their lives.

To start with, the music loves, enjoys, dreams, comforts and it is one of the firsr things teenagers learn to appreciate.
Music communicates messages, makes emotions, helps when someone feels sad, reflects teenagers on their lives but the same time can grieve recall memories unpleasant with filled notes with sad emotions.
Also music is what teens want it to be: life, love, anger, stenght, joy...

On the other hand, young people often use music as a way to escape their standard of living; they search for music in an ideal world to avoid suffering and trouble.
Young people take refuge into music because it offers an inviolable world where society can not penetrate.

In recent years, the reason why the relationship between young people and music has bcome tighter is that the songs of this era reflect more and more realistic the life of all young people with their problems, disappointments and hopes.
Young people listening to music find common points between the subject of text and their life and feel understand, consoled by the fact that they were not only ones to experience an unpleasant experience.

In conclusion, you can say that music is a great way to stay in the company, to find someone who has experienced ypur story but sometimes it catapults you into an unreal world where you can go and escape your problems.