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ASantoro _ 3als _ teenagers spend 5 hours a day listening to music
by ASantoro - (2017-11-14)
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A quotation says teenagers spend four or five hours a day listening to music or watching music videos. Furthermore, it adds that teenagers name it as their favorite no-school activity.
In the present text I am going to analyze the statement and tell my opinion about it.
First of all, I don't agree with the first parte of the citation. Even though in my opinion teenagers spend a lot of tome listening to music or watching music videos, I think five hours are too ma any. Young people are very busy in their afternoons: they spend many hours practicing for sports or doing other activities like language course. When they are at home they first should do their homework, and so their free time is not so much.
In addiction, I neither agree with the second part part of the statement. I consider teenagers as competitive people and in may opinion their favorite non-school activity is having sport matches. Of course, I' speaking for most of them, but there are for sure lots of teenagers that can't stand practicing sports, and so the quotation could be true for them.
Taking into consideration all the above, I recognize the important role of music in teenager's daily life, but I think the statement overestimates it.