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by SDri - (2017-11-16)
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How music affects teenagers: argumentative text


Paragraph 1: introduction of the topic and thesis focusing on the objective of the work;

-         Brief general introduction about music

-         Thesis

-         Counter thesis

-         Objective of the essay 


Paragraph 2: focus on one of the two main points of view about the topic (pros);

Benefits of listening to music:

-         Good example of principles -> positive message

-         Relaxing

-         Stimulating

-         Makes you feel part of a group, with the same taste for music


Paragraph 3: focus on the other point of view (cons);

Disadvantages of listening to music:

-         Waste of time that should be dedicated to other activities related to sports and school

-         Bad messages/example

-         Loss of hearing


Paragraph 4: conclude summarizing the previous concepts without adding new information.





In the following essay, I am going to illustrate my ideas about music and its effects on people, particularly on teenagers. It has been demonstrated that listening to music is one of the favourite activities of teenagers. However, some experts suggest that young people should spend their free time in other types of activities, such as sports or reading a book. The objective of the following paragraphs is to investigate about the pros and cons of listening to music in order to understand if this activity is a waste of time.


Let us begin by considering the benefits that listening to music brings to teenagers. Firstly, music represents a way to manifest sense of belonging during a delicate phase of life. It is an interesting topic to speak about with friends, especially when sharing the same musical tastes or passion for the same singer. Secondly, music can send out good examples of principles and easily involves people to listen to it. Thirdly, music can also serve as a catalyst for new ideas: when people listen to new tracks, they became more open-minded.


On the other hand, contrary to what most people believe, music is something abstract and irrelevant which causes a large waste of time. For instance, sometimes music sends out negative messages about drugs and bullying. Furthermore, when you listen to music with your earphones at high volume you can also damage your health, causing hearing loss at younger ages.

It can be concluded that music represents a surge and at the same time it is an incitement for lots of teenagers. However, in my opinion, teenagers have to firstly concentrate on their school activities and use music as a secondary relaxing and stimulating activity.