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3ALS - AIordache New Year's Eve
by AIordache - (2017-11-19)
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New Year's Eve
The morning of the last day of the year I did shopping with my father for the New Year’s Eve dinner, after lunch I watched some episodes of a TV series until 5 p.m. when I went out to the cinema with three of my junior high school classmates . The film was a Walt Disney cartoon called Oceania: I loved it, because it wasn’t the same pathetic story where the princess was rescued by the prince and next she got married with him.
After that I came back home and I had dinner with my father, I didn’t eat too much, because then I had got an appointment with my dearest friend Marta .
So since 10 p.m. we went around into the village and we chatted a lot about what happened to us in the last months. We are very chatty people, so we spent half an hour talking and listening a deejay and covers of famous songs sung by a band. We were along a river when it was quarter to midnight and it was full of people. When the New Year has arrived we made wishes each other, to other people and we watched the fireworks for 15 minutes.
We were cold in fact we went home; I made a toast with my father to 2017 and I replied to all the wishes messages.
Finally I went to bed tired, but happy even because at 4 o’clock I finished to watch all the episodes of the TV series.