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FOlivo - A word is dead
by FOlivo - (2017-11-22)
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A word is dead

When it is said

Some say

I say

It just begins to live

That day


The title creats expection in the readers beacuse you do not generally use the adjective “dead” refered to a word. Dead impleas something was alive before diying and therefor the intelligent reader try to understand the meening of the adjective dead in the title.

The structure of the poem consits in 6 lines arranged into two tercets, so the intelligent reader wants to understand why the poet made such…….. . in order of that the reader must read the poem and understan what it is about.

The first tercet says that when somebody says a word it dies and this is the opinion of “Some say”.

In the second tercets the speaking voice changes in somebody called “I” , and he says excatly the opposite. According to that opinion, when a word is said it begins to live.

The structure of the poemi s switable to content because the text express two different opinions and they are juxtaposed by contrast. Contrast is therefor the most important device exploited to make meaning. First of all, the poet uses contrast even in the choice of passive form in hte first tercet and the active form the secon one. In addiction in the first stanza the poet expresses the opinion of common unidentifyd peolpe. In the second stanza the opinion is clearly the one of a precise person. The contrasti s also underline by the different position of the subject. This choice highlight such diffrents once again.

The sematinc choise add to meaning by contrast. Suffice it to say that dead is the adjective deriving from to die which is the opposite if to read. Therefor one can see that the idea of contrast inderlining the two points of view expressed in the poemi s structural and structuring the text