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ASantore _ 3als - In Lands I never saw they say
by ASantoro - (2017-11-23)
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As the title of the poem is the same as his first line, The poem could be part of a collection.
After reading it, the reader expect the poem to be a third person narration of something. In fact the poet starts taking distances ("they say") . We don't no which people she is talking about: they are no-identity.
The text is organized into two stanzas of four lines each, named quatrains.
In the first stanza the poet is in a third person narrator.
The long vowel sounds create distance between the narrator and the people she is referring to. Some words are capitalized on purpose. They come from the semantic fields of female dressing objects, and so there is a personification: Alps are seen as a young ladies trying to repair from summer sun using their "bonnets".
Even the first two lines of the second stanza are in a third person narrator.
There's an assonance of letter e between meek and feet that gives unity at the line.
Alp's feet are described "everlasting", it is a contrast between their personification and their real eternal beeing.
In this stanza "daisies" is the word capitalized, they are seen as young children playing under the vision of the mountains.
In the last two lines the narrator changes. It is a first person narration that rascals a conversation between two people: the poet asks a question to a "sir". We don't know who is she referring to.
She speaks about an Augusta day, whose sun reaches the Alps' top first , and then their feet.
All the poem long there are some dashes. Their purpose is creating a rhythm. The rhyme scheme is ABCB DEFE.