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3ALS - AIordache Analysis of the second stanza of In Lands I...
by AIordache - (2017-11-23)
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Analysis of the second stanza of
In Lands I Never Saw- They Say
The poetess links the first line of the second stanza which continues the description of the Alps with the help of the retorical figure of personification. Indeed talks about feet as mountain was a girl. Those feet are wearing the sandals which are mentioned in the last line of the first stanza.
The second line says that there are a lot of daisy on the mountain feet. That could be another personification , maybe the flowers are houses or people that are always moving and changing, meanwhile Alps are immortal.
From the second to the third line there is a changing: it goes from indirect narration to direct speech.
She is referring to a man and she is asking him who are both in the poem. It seems that the poetess desires to distinguish herself from everybody.
The phonetical structure gives cohesion to the stanza, in the first line there is an assonance between "meek" and "feet", an alternate rhyme with play-day.
There is also an anaphora in the third line : the repetition of "which", it gives rhytm to the poem.
Taking into consideration the semantic field she used "everlasting" and "myriad", words that remind of something immortal and distant.