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3ALS - AIordache Analysis of Fire and Ice
by AIordache - (2017-11-28)
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Fire And Ice
The titile of the poem makes me wonder what the poet means for this two nouns. They are completly opposite, maybe they are only natural elements or thay bring life and behave like human beings.
And why does the poet write before fire and then ice? I ask myself, becouse this choice is not based on phonetical one. The title "Ice And Fire" would have flowed more. Immediately after the reading of the two lines I understood the choice, it is based on the order of appearance.

The layout of the poem comes into view very compact,indeed it is composed of one stanza of nine lines of different lenght. This structure convay union and it makes me think of the reasons why the poet has written the poem in this way.
In the first two lines appear the elements ice and fire which were been placed in the opposition with the figure of speech of the anthitesis.
There is repeated "some say"and that is an anaphora, which gives more cohesion and rhytm to the poem.
Last, in the first line there is a consonance between "world" and "will".
After this two lines there is a full stop, that means the end of the argument and the beginning of another part of the story-line. Indeed the next two lines talk about fire. Here thare are incredible lines which made a couplet rhytm with "disire" and "fire", connecting this two elements and giving fire a deeper meaning, it is a metaphor of passion. Moreover there is an alliteration between "with" and "those".
From the fifth to the last line the poet talks about ice and the reasons why could be perfect to destroy the world. The poet makes an hypothesis that could be never realised becouse he uses a phrase of the third hypotetical period.
Again, the lines are united becouse of the alternative rhyme between "twice", "ice", "suffice" and "hate", "great". There is also a run on line, which helps the poem to be fluent.