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SLorenzon- practice 14th December 2017
by SLorenzon - (2017-12-12)
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  1. How many people are in the poem?

There isn’t a precise number of people, but there are someone who picks up flowers.

  1. What are they doing?

They are picking up flowers.

  1. Where are they?

They are in a field.

  1. What physical traits does the poet mention about the first picker? What does that suggest?

The first picker has tumbling hair and that suggests he is moving.

  1. What do you think the line “with eyes a littler sorry” refers to?

It refers to that flowers are sad because picker is picking up them.

The field is covered with colorful wild flowers: yellow buttercups, violet/white violets, yellow dandelions, white/yellow daisies.

Focus on the language used to create the setting.


a. Bearing in mind that the poet was also a painter, why does he introduce the names of the flowers?

  • To describe the shape of the flowers
  • To evoke their colours
  • To suggest their number in the field


b. Consider the use of adjectives.

     Big bullying


c. Underline those which describe the daisies. What do they suggest about these flowers?

They suggest they are as a big human that it is bullied.


d. ring the adjectives used to describe the field. Which of the following devices are used to foreground it?


  • use of small initial letter
  • unusual syntactic position
  • front/end position in the line


Reconsider the lay-out


a) Focus on the flowers.

1.How are the names of the flowers arranged on the page??

scattered over the page

grouped in one or two lines

aligned one after the other


2.What function does the lay-out serve?

The layout function is to give a form to poetry.




b) What does the indentation of the lines suggest about the pickers?

The lines suggest that pickers are picking up flowers.