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LBertoli - Rudyard Kiepling
by LBertoli - (2017-12-20)
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Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay on the 30th December 1865, India. He was born from English parents that were English and they moved to India. When he arrived at the age of 6 years, he returned to England to study.
He came back to India when he was 17 years old. He worked for The Civil and Military Gazette and wrote The Pioneer.
In India he had some travels with the purpose of studying Indian customs and culture. In this period he wrote Plain Tales from the Hills, Soldiers Three and The Story of the Gadsbys.
Also Kipling was a poet. In poetry he was influenced by the ballads and in all his poetry production the reader can meet misery and danger. Kipling may not be eminent for the profundity of his thought of for the surpassing wisdom of his meditations. He had a strong power of observation that was able to find the minutest details from real life. He had a marvellous power of imagination that enables him to give us visions of his own consciousness.

The topics of his poetry are the armies, indeed he describes soldiers and sailors’ thoughts using the real language themselves used. Some accusations were made against Kipling’s poetry and use of language considered coarse and the soldiers’ slang is considered almost vulgar.

Kipling won The Nobel Prize in Literature 1907 with the book The jungle books and a primordial type of imaginative power inspired the writer of these mythlike tales of the animals.

During the First World War Kipling wrote some propaganda books and “The war in the mountains”.

Kipling died on the 18th January 1936.