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EBergantin - Exit West
by EBergantin - (2017-12-20)
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In  the first chapter of “Exit West” Moshin Hamid decides to include a paragraph with a different story in the middle of the narration. This section talks about a woman, in Australia, that is sleeping in her bedroom, while, in the darkness, a strange man is entered in her house and he is watching her. The function of the section is to anticipate and introduce the “black doors” and the journey through them, so the magic element. Indeed Hamid focuses the attention on the darkness of the scene that characterize the situation. This short scene, in the middle of the chapter, makes the reader curios about the magical element, that isn’t described in detail, but only as “a rectangle of complete darkness - the heart of darkness”. The scene also creates suspense because we don’t know what is happening.