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GBredeon - Comparatives. Practice.
[author: Giovanni Bredeon - postdate: 2007-11-05]

Text: English Pass
Task: Practicing forms (comparatives)

  • January is generally colder than December:
  • The population of Milan was bigger years ago than it is now.
  • It's safer to travel by public transport than by car.
  • Cigarettes and alcohol are cheaper in Italy than in England.
  • Can you please drive more carefully? The road is icy.
  •  My cold's much worse today than it was yesterday.

Task:Exercise B pag 23

  • Jumbo is more economcal than Concorde, but Concorde is much faster.
  • Lead is heavier than gold, but gold is much more expensive
  • Rolls Royce is more comfortable  than Ferrari, but Ferrari is much  more exhilarating.

Task: Exercise C pag 237

  • You certainly need to study harder if you want to pass the exam.
  • My sister is expecting another baby so she is looking for a lager flat.
  • Do it that way if you want to, but it will be more interesting than you think.
  • Why don't you take things more seriously ?  It's all one big joke to you.
  • "How far is the village?" Two kilomotres?" " no, I think it's farther."
  • I hope the next exercise is more difficult than this one.


Task: Exercise D pag 237

  • Francis does more sport than Simon, he is more athletic and a better swimmer too.
  • He earns more than his friend, that's why he travels much more than Simon.
  • On the other hand Simon can speak more foreign languages and definitely reads many more books than Francis. Which of the two is more attractive in your opinion?.


Task: Exercise E pag 237

  • He's so depressed.
  • Yes, he's more and more depressed.
  • You're very strong
  • Yes, you're stronger and stronger.
  •  It's dangerous to go out at night.
  • Yes, it's gettino more and more dangerous.
  • The weather's bad .
  • Yes, it's getting worse and worse.
  • Those comedians are very popular
  • Yes, they're getting more and more popular.
  • Susy is really tall. 
  • Yes, she's getting taller and taller


Task : Exercise F pag 237

 Let's speak English . The more you  practise , the more fluent you get

The less fattering food you eat , the better it is for your health.

 You go to bed too late. The less you sleep, the more stressed you get

The older he gets , the more obstinate he becomes.


Task: Exercise A pag 238

  •  I go to see granny as often as I can
  • Mrs Grimstone looks strist,but she's as sweet as pie
  •  I'm not going swimming . The water is as cold as ice!
  • I'll phone you back as soon as I can
  • We can't afford anything as expensive a cruise.
  • I hadn't seen a match as exciting as that for ages.


Task: Exercise B pag 238

  • No, she got fewer friends than I expected.
  • No, it is less strong than I expected
  • Yes, he made fewer mistakes than I expected.
  •  Yes, it was less boring than I expected.
  • Yes, they sold fewer painting than I expected.
  •   Yes, it was Less difficult than I expected. 


Task: Exercise C pag 238

  • It's not fair. You ‘ve got less homework than us.
  • There was a buffet lunch at the hotel so you could eat as much as you liked
  • We didn't like the theme park. There were fewer attractions than we thought.
  •  The tickets for the concert didn't costa as much as we expected
  •  It was a relaxing trip. There were fewer cars around than
  •  In a soccer team there aren't as many players as in a rugby team


Task: Exercise D pag 239

  • As ostinate as a mule
  • As gentle as a lamb.
  • As fata as a pig
  • As blind a s a bat.
  • As busy as a bee
  • As cunning as a fox.
  • As round as a peacock
  • As brave as a lion


Task: Exercise E pag 239

  • Your PC is older than mine.
  • My PC  isn't as old as yours.
  • David and Sue speak better English than we do
  • We don't speak English as good as them.
  • The Ferrari went faster than the Williams
  • The Williams didn't go as fast as the Ferrari.
  • The south is sunnier than the north
  • The north is not as sunny as the south.
  • The thief was more cunning than the policeman.
  • The policemen wasn't as cunning as the thief.
  • Her scooter is more expensive than mine.
  • My scooter is not as expensive as hers
  • For your holidays you spent more than us.
  • For our holidays we didn't spend as much as you did
  • Has olive oil got more calories than butter?
  • Has butter got  as many calories as olive oil?


Task: Exercise F pag 239

  • Adam looks older than Beth, but they are both 17. Adam is the same age as Beth.
  • Ted's birthday is on 7 May and so is Kit's. Kit's birthday is on the same day as Ted's.
  • We both have got brown eyes. Your eyes are the same color as mine.
  •  I like tha acoustic guitar and you like it, too. You like the same instrument as I do.
  • You and your sister take size 8 shoses. Your sister takes the same size as you.