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Learning Paths
Postmodern and Postcolonial Fiction. J. Coetzee's Foe [5C]
Mapping Coetzee's Foe [5C]
2007 - 2008. SS' Notes on Lessons [5C]
Classtest - 1st Term [5C]
T.S. Eliot and Modernism in Poetry and Fiction [5C]
Postcolonial Literature. Study and Reflection [5C]
Coming to Know Europe and Building Up the Europe of the Citizens [5C]
Fiction and Modernism J. Joyce and Virginia Woolf [5C]
Eveline and Dubliners [5C]
Study Support [5C]
Universities in Europe [5C]
William Wordsworth and The First Generation of Romantic Poetry [5C]
Different Universities. Information Gathered [5C]
S. T. Coleridge and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner [5C]
The Second Generation of Romanticism: P.B. Shelley and J. Keats [5C]
Feedback on Did You Know? [5C]
Victorian Poetry [5C]
Fiction in the Victorian Age [5C]
Final ESC Programme [5C]
The Anti-Vitorian Reaction [5C]