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GBredeon - Expressing Opinions. Pratice
[author: Giovanni Bredeon - postdate: 2007-11-19]

Text: On Track
Task: Exercise pag 10 - 11


Exercise pag 10 n 1

Do you like the first painting? In my opinion it's strange, it is very rich of bright colours.

You are right;  it has got a lot of colours, but I don't like it because these paiting lack in meaning.

This monument can amuse yourself!!It's funny. What do you think?

I agree with you. I like it very much.

This picture make you think about a lot of things? What's your opinion?

I think it's a silly picture!

This is very beautiful! I like it very much. I can't find the words to describe it! Doyou  you agree with me?

Ehm... I think it isn't a picture but only an extinguisher.


Exercise  page 10 n 2

Cathy and Ric are talking about the first picture.

Cathy likes it very much and Ric likes it too but he doesn't undestend what it's about.

Karen doesn't like picture A.

Linda doesn't like it too because, in her opinion, it isn't a picture but just vandalism. Joe thinks it, too.

Mike really likes the monument, he thinks it's a good idea.

But Helen isn't agree, she thinks it is awful.


Exercise  page 11 n 4

I love them

I like her

I don't mind them

I don't think much of it

I don't like him

I hate it./I can't stand it.


Exercise  page  11 n 5

Attractive +

Awful -

Beautiful +

Boring -

Fantastic +

Fascinating +

Funny +

Horrible -

Nasty -

Pretty +

Silly -

Ugly -

Wonderful +