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GBredeon - Past Progressive. Pratice
[author: Giovanni Bredeon - postdate: 2007-11-19]

Text: English Pass
Task: Exercises pag 182  -  185

Es A pag 182

  • I was snoring.
  • I wasn't snoring.
  • Were you snoring?.
  • Weren't you snoring?


  • The cat was climbing over the roof.
  • The cat wasn't climbing over the roof.
  • Was the cat climbing over the roof?
  • Wasn't the cat climbing  over the roof?


  • Mark and his wife were quarrelling .
  • Mark and his wife weren't quarrelling.
  • Were Mark and his wife quarelling?
  • Weren't Mark and his wife quarelling?


  • The band were playing a waltz.
  • The band weren't playing a waltz.
  • Were the band playing a waltz?
  • Weren't the band playing a waltz?


  • The workers were making a lot of noise.
  • The workers weren't making a lot of noise.
  • Were the workers making a lot of noise?
  • Weren't the workers making a lot of noise


  • It  was raining that morning.
  • It  wasn't raining that morning.
  • Was it raining that morning?
  • Wasn't it raining that morning?

Es B pag 182

  • Your  dad was fishing at the lake yesterday, wasn't he?
  • Yes, he was. He caught three nice trout.
  • Anne wasn't surfing the net last night, was she? No, she wasn't.
  • The police were looking for her, weren't they?
  • Yes, they were. Everyone was very worried.


Es C pag 183


  • 1) Were Tommy and Philip drinking? No, they weren't. They were dancing.
  • 2) Where wereClaudia and Eddie sitting? They were sitting on the sofa.
  • 3) Was Harry opening a can of coke? No, he wasn't. He was opening a bottle of mineral water.
  • 4) What was Billy doing?. He was looking at some CDs.
  • 5) Was Sally singing? No, she wasn't. She was talking on the phone.
  • 6) Where was Greg sleeping? He was sleeping under the table.



Es D pag 183



Mr Vince: Hello darling, I'm back!

Mrs Vince: Ah, here you are.

Mr Vince: What's the matter? You look angry.

Mrs Vince: I am. I know you weren't at work this morning . You were in town.

Mr Vince: Well,mmm... yes, I was. I was going to meet a customer.

Mrs Vince: You were standing at a taxi rank. What were you doing there and where you going?

Mr Vince: I told you, I was waiting for a customer.

Mrs Vince: No, you weren't waiting for a customer. Mary Johnson saw you in Penny Lane. You were walking as if  you were trying not to be seen.

Mr Vince: Ok, I admit it. I was there. I was looking for a florist's. These roses are for you. Happy anniversary, my love.


Exercise A p. 184


1. I bought this T-shirt while I was shopping in the new mall.

2. Mr Nixon was having a shave when his wife came into the bathroom to check her make-up.

3. Just think! Tom and Doris were planning to visit Dublin when they won a free holiday in Ireland.

4. We saw that film in English while we were visiting friends in New York last year.

5. I wasn't doing anything special when Craig phoned, so I was pleased to help him.

6. The baby fell and hit his head while he was running in the park.


Exercise B p.184


1. I cut myself while I was making dinner.

2. The TV was on but nobody was watching it.

3. Paul hurt himself while he was mending his bike.

4. They tried to jump on the train when it was leaving the station.

5. The trap was living on the streets when he inherited a fortune.

6. Our team was losing when the whistle blew for half time.


Exercise C p. 185


Bess: Did I show you our holiday photos, Sandra?

Sandra: Well... yes.

Bess: it was a lovely campsite, with so many things for the children to do. When I was taking this John was cooking lunch.

Sandra. Yes...mmmm....

Bess: The children were very good. Look, here they were helping their dad with the cooking.

Sandra: You...

Bess: We met a German couple. They were playing Frisbee on the beach when they asked me to try.

          After that we spent a lot of time together. Lovely couple. Here we were all making  a big


Sandra: I...

Bess: And it was a real holiday for me, too. I didn't wash a plate or cook a meal for the whole two


Sandra: But...

Bess: And then there was the swimming pool. Look at Jake! He learned to swim while we were on holiday, you know. Here he was fishing in a nearby    river. He caught two big fish!

Sandra: Yes, I know, Bess. You showed me the photos three times yesterday!!


Exercise D p.185


1.The Prestons were driving  in the nature reserve but they did not see a good place to camp.

2.They stopped and he put up the tent while his wife was cooking.

3. The sun was setting when they started to eat.

4. They were enjoying the meal in peace while a bear was spying on them behind the bush.

5. Suddenly the bear came towards and they ran away terrified.

6. But the bear didn't want to attack them. He only wanted to spend the night on the hammock.