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GCorso - Letter writing
[author: Giulia Corso - postdate: 2007-10-01]

 Hi Sara,

how are you? I'm doing my English homework for tomorrow.
I must practice a lot of because I didn't pass my English test. I hope I'll finish by six o'clock because I'm going to play volleyball.
Today I'm tired because I didn't sleep too much.
I am really surprised to realize  you have a problem with my computer. Launching a program is very easy!.
You only have to enter  the CD into the driver and wait for it to start automatically.
If it doesn't start you have to open "my computer" and click on the right button on the cd rom icon.

A menu will appear. You have to choose "autoplay" and then  software installation will start.

After that follow the wizard and the installation is completed.
You must sometimes start the computer again before you can launch the program.
Do you understand?.
Please answer as soon as you can. :-)