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GCorso - Why not to offend people
[author: Giulia Corso - postdate: 2007-10-24]


We offend other people to defend ourselves when we loose our patience.

It's easy to offend someone else; it is more difficult to accept an offence.

Of course, our reaction dependsmuch on he who offended us.

Personally, I I feel offended when someone says something that is not true about me.

If I understand that who he offends me is right, I try not to get angry and to do something to change.

To me it is easier to offend my parents, for example, because I know that they will forgive me.

Generally I don't like to offend people because I'm afraid of their reaction.

I think that offending other people is a way to hide our weaknesses and so, in my opinion,  it is unfair .

We don't have the right to judge the others, so we shouldn't offend anyone.