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GCorso - The last film I watched
[author: Giulia Corso - postdate: 2007-11-06]


The last film I watched was " Finding Nemo" by Walt Disney pictures.

The main character was a small red fish living in the Pacific Ocean.

Before he was born, he lost his mother .

After the first day of school he started quarelling with his father.

Later, playing with friends, he remained trapped in the net of some fishermen.

He ended up in an aquarium in Sidney. His father began to look for him: during his trip he met a lot of funny friends who tried to help him in finding his son.

Nemo also found some friends in the aquarium and together they tried to escape from there.

After many efforts, Nemo reached the sea and finally met his father and they went back home together.

I liked the movie not only because it was an animation movie, but also because it was particularly well costructed, full of irony, with a good soundtrack and funny characters and dialogues.