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GBredeon - Letter
[author: Giovanni Bredeon - postdate: 2007-11-23]

Text: Personal Production


Dear Fabio


Hi Fabio how are you? I'm fine. how did you spend your summer holiday? Did you go to the  mountains or to  the beach?

I stayed in Grado for one month. During the month I played basketball and football vith my firinds. I played a particulare kind of football, beachsoccer, it's a fantastic sport. Every day I went to the beach and I met a lot of my friends. In July, with my friends and my tacher, I went to England. It was a fantastic experience and I want to return in England with my friends and my teacher. After that I went to Puglia to meet my grandmum.


After that I returned home, and the school started.


See you




P.S. this is my favourite music group