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GCorso - My best friend
[author: Giulia Corso - postdate: 2007-12-29]


I would like to speak to my friend and schoolmate, Giulia.

She was born on the 1 July 1992. She is a Cancer. I have known her for about  10 years but there are still aspects I do not know about  her and she has never finished to amaze me.

If you see her at first,  she looks  shy and awful but when she starts to speak to you, you find out that she has a lot of qualities and, in addition, she is nice!..

She looks as if she were strong, insensitive but once you get to know her you understand  that she is sensitive (really sensitive), sincere , kind and very intelligent.

Of all people that I know I think that she is the person with more qualities... and I'm sure that she has evn more than I can imagine. "I will enjoy myself to find out other  characteristics of hers".

She is a person who understands me also through her silences, a person that is always ready to help somebody and she proves her  love also with a little gesture.

Her  bigger fault is that when she is angry , she feel distant  and it is better leave to  her alone.  Anyway I'm happy to  have her friendship!!!