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30 domande
[author: Giulia Corso - postdate: 2008-01-27]

1) Do you prefer an elegant gentlman or a sporty one?

2) Do you like funny or serious man?

3) Do you prefer live in separate house or living together?

4) Have you ever received a married proposal?

5)Have you any allergy?

6) Do you like animals?

7) Do you like my class?

8) what do you always do on Saturday evening?

9) Do you like sports?

10) Have you a lot of fiends?

11) Why aren't you married?

12) Do you like to be single?

13) How many sisters or brothers have you?

14) Where do you would living?

15) What is your favourite food?

16) Were you a good student?

17) Do you like cooking?

18) Do you like dancing?

19) What kind of music do you prefer?

20)Can you play any  instrument?

21) Is your ideal man italian or from another countries?

22) Do you prefer go to the mountains or go to the beach?

23) Do you like a man who always pays the bill?

24) Who is your favourite season?

25) Do you like soap opera?

26) What kind of books do you like?

27) Do you like adventures?

28) Are you superstitious?

29) Do you like getting a tan?

30) Where do you live?