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ACampolattano - The Village
[author: Alex Campolattano - postdate: 2007-10-23]



Task: From Watching to Interpreting and Writing

Director: M. Night Shyamalan



Cultural: Dialogue between Cultures 

Intertextual: From Film to Metaphors

Linguistic: Listening - reading- writing



The title reminds me of a small village where some people live and do something to put the film into action.

The movie starts with a funeral party, during which all the people of the village have lunch together , but suddenly people listen to some noise coming from the woods.

The noise is  listened more than once by the citizenship of the village and they strike terror into the inhabitants of the village. But there is  one person, Noah,  is not an ordinary character. He has got a bit of a problem with his mind and he looks as if he were  the only one person to be happy.

His name reminds me of the biblical figure of Noah who saved a lot of animals and people from the flood.


After the people of the village have listened to the noise some  children find a pupy of coyotes without its skin and later  a monster dressed in the red colour, a colour considered dangerous, colour , red (a simbolyc device to represent passion , hell , devil , fire , blood is in contrast light represented by another character of the film: his name is Lucius) comes in the village. He has got some long, an animal face and some thorns on his back.


The name makes me think of light: to be precise the white light which simbolyzes purity , innnocence. The opposite of red. The last protagonist of the film is a woman: Ivy who stands in the middle of Lucius and Noah. As a matter of fact, both Lucius and Noah, fall in love with Ivy.

An interesting episode is the one in which Noah is fighting with some boys of the village but when  Ivy  arrives, she makes him promise not to fight again.

Later  Ivy and Noah go towards the border of the village and there they meet Lucius.

Noah put some reds berries in Ivy's hands and this provokes a scar but Noah is totally unaware of the situation because he is not able to understand what is really happening.


Ivy starts loving Lucius but Noah is terribly jealous of  Ivy and, as a result, he stabs Lucius who does not die. He fight between life and death and this makes Ivy cross the border in search for help.

She is the only one who can do that because she is blind and she cannot see the monster.


Ivy wants to reach the outside world to get some medicine to save Lucius' life. On the way Ivy meets the monster (Noah) Ivy fights with the monster. He falls in a hole, bangs his head and dies. After then Ivy arrives in the outside world, gets the medicine and goes back to the village. Lucius can now recover and is safe.

The character of the movie  Noah is not the same Nooah of the Bible, as a matter of fact I noticed an obscure side in him.

In my opinion the topic of the movie is that all the old people of the village take decisions for young people and children. As a matter of fact I'm sure they know what is outside there , beyond  the woods but they choose  for young people too and I do not agree because they are perfectly able to decide on their own.