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Acciarino - 2nd oral classtest - 1st term
[author: Teresa Acciarino - postdate: 2007-10-29]


Analyzing the first and second chapter the reader can immediately understand how the writer makes a review of the Defoe's classical novel.

The first person narration is a way to represent the concept of reality or better the absence of a single truth. It emphasizes the presence of different points of view. The multi-perspective expresses also the freedom of the reader to understand amd make sense of his reading experience.

The story begins in medias res, therefore, according to post-modern conventions, there is no order; a sort of decentred subject is created by an inter-textuality and a relationship between many important themes discussed by Coetzee.

In comparison with the archetype, the story line, event of story has been reduced to the minimum and selected in space and time. This aspect shows the intention of turning the classical conventions upside down, as a matter of fact Coetzee underlines this important theme instead of the use of details and long description. Only the first chapter gathers all the story of Cruso summarized.

Also important is Friday's silence that seems to win on all other narrators.