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FBernardini - Unreal City. Exercises pag. 325
[author: Francesco Bernardini - postdate: 2007-11-12]

Task: Unreal City. Exercises pag. 325


2 a) Line 4: hyperbole used to create an idea of lots of people.

Line 5: creates the idea of people who are not really dead, but who live in desire.

Line 9: "with a dead sound on the final stroke of nine"

2 b) They seem like the damned in Dante's Inferno, because of the lack of vital energy in their walking and living.


3) 1. Stetson

2. author

3. rites


4.1) Everybody is in the same condition, and everybody tries to seem different, with hypocrisis.

4.2) He cannot.


5) The juxtaposition of Mylae and the City of London.