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FBernardini - SFracaros - Tradition and Individual Talent
[author: Francesco Bernardini - postdate: 2007-11-26]


  • For study purpose the text can be subdivided into 3 parts: in the first one the poet analyzes the relationships existing between a poet and its predecessors. In the second one Eliot explains  the meaning of the word "tradition",  what it means in the present and meant in the past. In the last part the writer analyzes the way in which present works alter past ones and vice versa and the the new order they create in works.
  • Every form of art is a re-elaboration of past works: this is Eliot's idea. He supports it with historical examples (history of literature in Europe after Homer), the fact that you can't value an artist alone in time and in his movement without considering  his ancestors, the influence that past and present have one on each other. 
  • We agree with Eliot, because such thesis could be applied also in fields that we know better like music; what's more it is difficult to create some kind of work without making reference to past ones.