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SDeLelli - Short essay
[author: Salvatore De Lellis - postdate: 2007-11-14]

In this text I'm going to explain why students should study Shakespeare.

I think that  thinking about the importance of the studying  Shakespeare is essential to understand what we must know about him.

First of all I think that everybody should study Shakespeare and not only students.

Shakespeare is a very important poet. As a matter of dact he is a master of life.

He understands a lot of topics like love (that he distinguish in physical and platonic love), a new concept of beauty, the immortalising power of poetry and the power of man towards Nature.

I think that an important reason to study Shakespeare is to understand the structure of the sonnet. As a matter of fact Shakesperian sonnets are organized into three quatrains and a rhyming couplet. So we can understand the transformation of the Petrarchan structure  introduced into England by Thomas Wyatt.

A second reason to study Shakespeare is to understand the standard theme of English Renaissance sonnets. So we can understand the differences between Shakespeare and the corteous code.

As a matter of fact Shakespeare describes a "Dark lady" and he loves the famous Fair youth while in the corteus code poets describe a blond women with blue eyes and they compare her to an angel.

Another reason to study Shakespeare is to learn how we must analyse a poem in fact Shakespeare's sonnet are full of concepts.

In the end I repeat that the study of Shakespeare is very important for the reasons  I listed previously.

I think that for students studying Shakespeare mustn't mean a duty only but a pleasure too.