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G.Margarit - Why young adolescents student should study Shakespeare
[author: Giacomo Margarit - postdate: 2008-01-06]



Why young adolescents students should study Shakespeare

I'm going to explain why students should read and study Shakespeare's sonnets and why I considered Shakespeare a revolutionary poet. As a matter of fact he introduced some new themes in his sonnets, dealing "old" themes of Petrarch flavour, for example courtly love and "new" themes like love towards a fair youth, a young man or a dark lady, the opposite ofwoman's ideal of  beauty in the 1300.

To support my opinion I wikll  quote some sonnets to better understand Shakespeare's ideal of love.

In sonnet number twenty Shakespeare introduced love: towards a man. He describes a man in a positive way and compares him to women reveling an usual form of love. Italian poets addressed  their poems to an Angel woman, never to a man, Shakespeare is the first poet to analyze a new aspect of love, maybe homosexual.

Another innovation by Shakespeare is his love for a lady, who doesn't represent the female idea of beauty: she has dark hair and she isn't beautiful like the angel woman described by Italian poets. Shakespeare tried to explain his conception of love, not a spiritual love like the one of Dolce Stil Novo but a conception of love that can be reached by anyone.