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GAllegro - The Dove
[author: Giulia Luisa Allegro - postdate: 2007-10-21]

Text: The dove
Task: Writing a textual analyses

Cultural: Poetry against the word
Intertextual: Picasso's picture
Linguistic: Improving writing skills

The title does not create specific expectations. It refers to a white bird, that is somebody that can fly above the ground.
The colour white recalls images of innocence, purity and serenity. The dove is associated with the idea of  peace.The colour brown recalls the colour of earth, clay, pottery and ground.
The poem is arranged into three sections, it hasn't got stanzas and it starts with three full stops and finishes with three full stops.

The poet exploits the power of alliteration (for example dove and dreams)There are some repetition, like and, dove, old and as.There are two similes and they are "as pottery" and "as earth".
There are three domains:1)white:dove, white and fragile;2)brown: clay, earth, battleground, pottery and brown;3)connection: as(3), old(2) and here is.
The sound effect of the poem creates the idea of distance.