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GAllegro - In Lands I Never Saw
[author: Giulia Luisa Allegro - postdate: 2007-10-21]

Text: In lands I never saw - they say
Task: Writing a textual analyses

Cultural: Poetry against the word
Linguistic: Improving writing skills

The poet says that "they" say she never saw such lands. Such lands are Alps that look down. The top of the mountains is the sky and they look down to the town.

Daisies look as if they were playing, probably they are moved by the wind. The poet asks which person is him and which is her  upon an August day.
Immortal is something that can't die, so the reader understands that the poetes adds human qualities to something which is inanimate. She attributes s The Alps are described as if they  were a woman. We can image that the poets refers to the people as if they were daisies.
There are repetitions and the rhime scheme is A-B-C-B-D-A-E-A.
There are two domains:

1)dresses: bonnets, sandals and feet

2)nature: daisy, lands, firmament, mountains and Alps.

There are three personifications: bonnets, sandals and Myriad Daisy.