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GBredeon - The Final Voyage
[author: Giovanni Bredeon - postdate: 2007-12-01]

Text: The Final Voyage  voyage

Task: Summary Writing Pratice

Charles Coghlan was born in 1841 to a poor family from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Charles was sent to

England to study. When he returned he had a good university degree.

Charles wanted to be an actor. His dad was very angry about that and told Charles that he would send him

away from home if that was the case, but Charles left Prince Edward island and promised he would never return.


He was a naturally talented actor and became a success on the stage in productions all over North America.

Coghlan visited a fortune teller who made a shocking prediction, He would die suddenly at the peak of his

popularity, this would happen in a city in the southern part of the United States but the teller added  that his

body would never rest until it returned home to Prince Edward island.


In the summer of 1898 Coghlan died on the stage when it was at the peak of a brilliant career. He was buried in

a lead lined coffin on Galveston island.

Two years later the great hurricane hit Galveston and a lot of the island was washed in to the Gulf of Mexico, including the cemetery were Coghlan was buried.


In 1908 fisherman off the coast of Prince Island found a coffin with a body still inside. A silver plate inside identified the body as Charles Coghan.


The fortune teller’s prediction had come true. He was buried in the cemetery next to the small church where he had been baptized in 1841.