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M.Virgolin - Feedback on Did You Know?
[author: Marco Virgolin - postdate: 2008-04-13]

Video: Did You Know?
Task: Discuss the video and express some personal reflection with reference to your personal school training

Did You Know?


The video shows the development of the human race in terms of culture, job and economy.

It can be considered a sort of warning, as a matter of fact the video wants the watcher to focus his/her attention on oriental countries such as China and India to make a comparison between the development of these countries and the one of the USA and Europe. The thesis of the documentary is that since an enormous number of changes have occurred in the last century, we can't predict what will happen in the future.


There will be a strong competition as regards economy and jobs. Moreover, the information moved by the net will continuously grow up so that every student or worker will be continually connected with a lot of other professionals to collaborate and share their contribute.


In the end, the video poses some points of reflection. For example, it questions if the students are made ready to face this competition, and if the politics are adapting to this necessity.

In my opinion, the problem is not even presented by the most part of the teachers in Italy and the politicians don't even mention the question. It follows that I'm really troubled by the future of my country and, generally, of the eastern world.


China can be considered the most representative country in terms of quick development both in the economic and the cultural aspect and I posed myself the following question: "When the Chinese lower social classes will begin to demand a higher life style, who will give them the necessary richness?" Probably, a war will burst between the Western and the oriental countries, with the aim of redistributing richness. It could be considered a different hypothesis, that is what if the eastern and the oriental people will blend into a multi-ethnical society? I think that the business competition (that today is on a high scale, for example between agencies) will be more bitter and will come down in the every day life.