Silent Dialogues

The present section is meant to give voice to silent dialogues that for different reasons have not found verbal expression.
"I can't find the words to say it. I think I have them on the tip of my tongue but I can't express myself".

Occasionally or more than often songs talk to each other!


A: Picture This     -   Never Change      -   Video

B: Freya Ridings  -  Lost Without You    -   Video


A: Low Roar        -  Don't Be So Serious Video

B: Haeven           -  We Are


A:  Low Roar       -  Poznan  - Video

B: Jeff Buckley    -  HallelujahVideo


A:  Kygo                -   I'll wait   - Lyrics

B: Haeven             -  Where the Heart Is  -  Lyrics


A: Lewis Capaldi     -  Someone you loved  -  Lyrics

B: Haeven               - Throw me a line  -  Lyrics


A:  Kygo                   -  Happy Now  - Lyrics

B: Josh Groban        -  Remember when it rained  -  Lyrics