Crosscultural Links
Poseidon Seminar , Naples 28 -29 April 2011
Study Visit 214 Continuous professional development of teachers and trainers
Arion Study Visit. CLIL across EUROPE for an INNOVATIVE Intercultural knowledge & understanding
Previous Events
Xmas 2010
Happy New Year. Welcome 2010
Easter 2009
Easter 2009
Seminario interegionale Sud Italia Cittadinanza e Costituzione 3-5 marzo 2010
Suggested Readings
T.S.Eliot's Letters to Emily Hale
Warsan Shire (British Young Poet Laureate)
About McEwan's Lessons
Point of view in J. Kincaid's Girl
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Robert Frost - A Line-storm Song
Silent Dialogues
Dialogue of the Heart
The Speaking Soul
Dialogues of the Mind
Turkish Voices
Sigur Ros - Iceland
Glosoli - My favourite
My New Discoveries
Religious Inspiration
Icelandic electronics
Listening to Jazz
Italian Songs I Like
Recent Meaningful Listening
Cultural Background
Curriculum Vitae
Professional Steps and Key Figures
Discovering Bents
The Appeal of Literary Texts
The World of Teenagers
New Horizons
A Change of Direction
New Professional Scenarios
Back to School in a European Dimension
Looking Forward ?
Personal Training
Postgraduate Linguistic and Literary Training
Language Awareness and the Semiotics of Literature
Project Work
ICT and Documentation
The European Dimension in Education
Contemporary Issues in English Language and Literature
High Level Trainers for the Teaching of English Language and Literature
EU ARION Study Visit for Educational Trainers and Educational Policies
Project Work
EU and European projects
International projects
School project
Cittadinanza Europea e Costituzione Italiana
Competences at School. Teens'Life Styles. A Students'Survey
New Competences in the Global World
ICT in School Context: a Step Towards Autonomy
The Potential of Multimedia and Teachers' Training
ICT Integrated Projects
Key Competencies and the European Dimension in Education
Current Interests
Europe and Education
ICT and the Learning Process
. Democratic Citizenship and School Practices
ICT in the School Context. A Teacher Training Course
ESC - Il colloquio
Teacher Training
At different Institutions
Progetto: Oltre i Confini. La Viarte.
At School
Professional Training
Monitoring In-service Training
CLIL Session. March 30ieth, 2010.
CLIL Session March 23rd, 2010.
CLIL Session March10th, 2010.
CLIL Session March 1st, 2010 CLIL
CLIL - Session February 24th, 2010
CLIL - Session - Febraury 9th, 2010
CLIL - Session February 5th, 2010
CLIL - Session February 3rd, 2010
CLIL - Session January 22nd replacing 15th, 2009
December 9th, 2009. A CLIL course
TKT. Trieste Clil Metodologia Innovativa di Insegnamento
IWB - LIM. Interactive White Board - Lavagna Interattiva Multimediale
LIM Sessione I . How to get started. Primi passi
LIM - Session II - LIM. Lead in. Familiarizzare
Resources for Innovadidattica
CLIL Metodology. Metodologia CLIL
CLIL Metodology. Session I ( February 17th, 2011) and Session II ( February 24th, 2011)
CLIL Metodology. Session II. March 15th, 2011
CLIL Metodology. Session March 29th, 2011. Metodologia CLIL
Teacher Training Area Documentation
Meeting II. VOiCE
Meeting III. Voice. January 30ieth, 2012
VOICE IV. February 8th, 20012
Voice IV. February 23rd, 2012
Voice V. March 7th,2012
Voice VI. March15th, 2012
VOICE VII. Thursday March 22nd, 2012
VOICE VIII. April 4th, 2012
Voice IX. April 18, 2012
School Open Day 2015 -2016
At University
Module PPP
PPP 05 - 06
MINI and TIMED Research Reports Presentation Samples
Research Reports. Some Examples
PPP 06 - 07
The Module PPP - An Overview
Session I - October 31st, 2006
Session II - November 7th, 2006
Sessione III - November 14th, 2006
Session IV - November 21st, 2006
Session V - December 5th, 2006
Session VI - December 12th, 2006
Session VII - December 19th, 2006
Session VIII - January 9th, 2007
Sessioni - IX - X - January 16th - 23rd, 2007
Sessions XI - XII - Mock Exams 045 - 046. January 30ieth - February 6th, 2007
Sessione B
February 4th, 2008. A learning process around a poem
PPP 07 - 08
October 26th, 2007
November 2nd, 2007
November 16th - December 6th, 2007
December 7th -14th, 2007 . Project Work. Workshops
January 7th, 2008. Sharing Reflection
January 11th, 2008.Implementing Teaching Units.
January 21st, 2008. Steps of a Teaching Unit.
February 1st, 2008. Activities in a Teaching Unit.
February 11th, 2008. Mock Exam Session. Research Report Tips
26th February, 2008. Mock Exam 046 . Feedback
Students Individual Works Archive
Module SALS
SALS Materials and Procedures
Work in Progress
SALS 05 - 06
SESSION I (15 - 22 November 2005)
SESSION II (29 novembre - 5 dicembre 2005)
SESSION III (5-20 December 2005)
SESSION IV (10 January 2006)
SESSION V (17 January 2006)
SESSION VI (24 January 2006)
SESSION VII (31 January 2006)
SESSION VIII (7 February 2006)
SALS 06 - 07
The Module SALS - An Overview
Session 1 October 31st, 2006
Session 2 November 7th, 2006
Session 3 - November 14th, 2006
Session 4 - November 21st, 2006
Session 5 - December 5th, 2006
Session 6 - December 12th 2006
Session 7 - December 19th 2006
Sessions 8 - 9 - 10. 9th - 16th - 23rd January, 2007
Last Session I - Strategies in Use. Listening and Speaking
Last Session II - Strategies in Use: Reading and Writing.
Sessione C
SALS 07 - 08
November 2nd, 2007
November 2nd- November 6th, 2007. Language Biography.
November 13th, 2007. What is a Strategy?
November 16th. Focus on Strategies.
November, 30ieth. Stili cognitivi.
December 4th - 7th, 2007. Getting Awareness of One's Cognitive Styles
January 11th, 2008. Listening Strategies.
January 25th, 2008. Introducing Reading Strategies
February 1st, 2008. Speaking and Writing Strategies
February 22nd, 2008. From Theory to Practice.
SALS Teacher's Input
SALS Strategies for Reading
SALS Strategies for Listening and Speaking
SALS Strategies for Writing
Module PML
Work in progress
PML 06-07
The PML Module. An Overview
Session I - November 11, 2006
Session II- February 14th, 2007
Session III - March 7th, 2007
Session IV - March 8th, 2007
Session V- March 9th - 14th
Session VI - March16th, 2007
Tutorial -The Organization of a teaching unit
Session VIII
Sessione A
Sessione B
Sessione C
PML Materials and Procedures
PML Teacher's Input
PML - Resources for workshops
PML Active Learning
PML Project Work
PML Session
PML Session
Literature I
September 25th - October 12 th. Lead in. From Eric, Little by Little
October 12th - October 19th. K. Mansfield's Son and Moon
November 30ieth. The Book Of Nonsense
Tips for Group Work
October 19th, 2007. Alice in Wonderland
October 19th - November 16th, 2007. Students Working Materials
November 16th - 27th. Alice and Childhood.
December 2nd. The Limerick
December 7th, 2007. Little Lord Fauntleroy
December 14th, 2007. Peter Pan
December 18, 2007. The Happy Prince
February 18th, 2008. Teaching Children To Think.
February 22nd, 2008. Share Learning
February 22nd, 2008 II. Roald Dahl.
February 26th, 2008. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
March 11th, 2008. Our Learning Objects. Organizing Project Work.
In-service Training
European Study Visit Meets Class 5A at Liceo Scientifico Albert Einstein associate school ISIS Malignani - Cervignano del Friul
Poseidon 2010 . INCONTRO I I - Lunedý 15 marzo 2010
Poseidon 2010. INCONTRO I - Venerdý 19 febbraio 2010
POSEIDON . Educazione Linguistica in un curriculum plurilingue
Session I. Tuesday March 3rd, 2009. CLIL
Session III. Tuesday March 17th, 2009. CLIL
Session IV. Tuesday March 24th, 2009. CLIL
Session V. Tuesday March 31st, 2009. CLIL
Session VI. Thursday April 2nd, 2009. CLIL
Session II. Tuesday March 10th, 2009. CLIL
Session VII. Tuesday April 7th, 2009
Session VIII. Thursday April 16th, 2009
Session IX. Tuesday April 21st, 2009
CLIL In-service Training . Session X. Tuesday April 27th, 2009
ICT Teachers' Training. Progetto Ragazzi Digitali
PSOF. In -service Taining . A Professional Experience
Competenze. Proposta di Progettazione
Teachers Initial Training
Incontro 20 aprile 2009.
Incontro 04 maggio 2009
Incontro 19 Maggio i 2009
Friday November 6th, 2009
Friday November 13th, 2009
Friday December 4th, 2009
Job Shadowing. Welcoming teachers from other countries
Training course for teachers from different school levels
What I Like Sharing
Classical Music
Personal Poetry
Dentro il mistero
Like an enchanter fleeing
Mainstream Music
Selected Music
What you'd like to know
Response on Poetry Reading
Poetry and Creative Writing
The Emotional Side
When Mind an Emotions Come Together
Suggestions For A Film: At School and Anywhere Else
What you'd like to Know
The Emotional Side of Listening
Selected Readings
Sharing Knowledge
Remembering Steve Jobs
Listen and Read
Messages and Media
Topol˛ a multimedia experience
SMS. Postmodern Forms of Writing
Socialnetworking and me
Convegno Orientamento al lavoro
Tradition and Contemporaneity
Oxford Colleges in the Postmodern Age
You Tube At School
You Tube at School
Listen. Watch. Feel and Think ...
Today's Reflection
TV 4 Teachers
Images & Music come 2gether
When images and music come 2gether
Images Speaking to Senses
My Favourite Turkish Media
From Dogdugun-ev-kaderindir. My Home. My Destiny.
Sharing My Latests Favourites
Sight and Senses
Social Media
Video - Oppenheimer