ICT and the Learning Process

The present section iis meant to offer documentation concerning possible learning experiences integrating ICT and ordinary school work.

ICT really provides occasions for new and innovative learning experiences in that it meets the students modular way of thinking..

The learner may be supported in becoming self - conscious of personal difficulties and progress. He may choose ways to improve knowledge and skills on his own and behave according following his needs and interests in any educational contexts.

Constructivisms provides the theoretical framework for new learning and teaching practices in contemporary contexts.

Some examples of the new frontiers follow: the first one concerns a possible integration of ICT in ordinary learning and teaching experiences.

The Power Point is meant to provide a sample of the different tools learners and teachers may both rely on in their daily work.
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The following links provide are examples for in-service teacher training course on ICT (TIC in the Italian language).
Here a sythesis of the organization of the course is linked in Power Point format. A Seminal Bibliography by M. Rotta is available in attachment


An Example of Multimedia Integration IT --- An Example of Multimedia Integration EN

Experiencing Mind Mapping