Professional Training

The present section is meant to illustrate some venues and actions taken to elicit and promote in-service teacher training in the secondary school context. In particular the areas dealt with do not include ICT and Multimedia to which specific areas have been dedicarted even if in current teacher training the support of ICt is the norm whatever the subject of interest.
The materials included in the present are deal with my experience as e-tutor for the integrated Project Punto EDU Europa in which teachers were expected to implement and experiment class actions promoting awareness of European citizenship.
But to tell the truth the real innovation of the experience is connected to the experimentations of new modes of learning among which web quest, role playing, case study and process documentation were proposed as new possibility for didactic refreshing.
The Power Point presentation and the related report illustrates the new experimental spaces provided by community learning , together with the role of an e-tutor in such actions.

The E-tutor's Voice
A Reflection

The next experience deals with ICT integration in ordinary school practices and traditional teaching.
It consists of a Power Point support prepared as a visual aid for the presentation of a report adressed to teachers of IC eSpazia (Monterotondo - Rome) in September 11-12 , 2006. IC eSpazia is an institution including multiple schools at different level: from primary to junior high school.

Schoolwork: A Case Study; ppt
Schoolwork. Uno Studio di Caso.
Daily School Practices and the Web. A possible Dialogue? Schoolwork. A Case Study.
Didattica Curricolare e Web: Un dialogo possibile?