At different Institutions

I started my training experience at a private institution where I was asked totrain salers supposed to deal with foreign language dealers.
My experience mainly dealt with activities aimed at providing coursists with social and interpersonal competences which required the use of the English languge
To tell the truth the learners' language competences were rather low and as a result my effort was mainly connected with teaching linguistic functions and strategies to improve communicative skills.
My further experience was as teacher trainer for a local union that had organized a course to provide perspective teachers with competences enabling them to pass a public exam to win a permanent post in the public school.
My task was to teach them how to organize a variety of teaching units that coiuld help them get organized and competent when they were to enter a class context.
At the time I was young and highly motivated especially with teaching literary text. I liked to deal with procedures making trainees acquainted with text analysis, reader response and deconstructive approaches to reading and the like.
Results obtained proved very encouraging and therefore I did my best to go in depth in this area.
Later on I was called to teach Modules for English Language Teaching in the public school at different levels: from elementary to middle and secondary school.
I worked for what was then called Provveditorato degli Studi di Udine, now CSA, an institution responsible for the provincial oragnization and school management.
Also my experience at the General Direction of the School Regional Offiice was seminal, a real step forward in the field of teacher training.
There I had the opportunity to experiment with new training contexts that included the regional, European and international level, thanks to the experience I was able to gain as memberof both European and transnational project teams.
I had the chance o meet different kinds of teachers coming from different countries and school systems and that represented surely a relevant moment of professional growth thus paved the way for my university experience.