New Professional Scenarios

After multiple school project experiences that included module design, interculture, inter and trans-disciplinarity both for classwork, teacher training and team teaching a new level of awareness was coming to the surface of my professional awareness. It was probably linked to the gradual transformation/s in society: globalization as well as the assumptions and implications of the Information Society and ICT. Furthermore, students level of proficiency at school were becoming lower and lower. The new needs required by the job market, multimedia and the opportunities provided by the Internet, strongly contributed to changing conceptual map-shaping.

Constructivism as an approach to the learning and teaching process came to the fore front but the school environment I was working in did not seem ready to receive and transform the new stimula in new practices to be experimented and tested. Need for re-freshment became more and more urgent to me and I started to perceive school space as a rather narrow one. Besides I was losing motivation day after day.

Luckily enough, again it was the meeting with some people and ideas that fostered the possibility of a change for once. I liked school, especially the didactic relationship inside the walls of the school classroom, but I was beginning to feel it was also the encounter with the world outside, different cultural and educational agencies that I needed to enlarge my perspectives so that eventually the new ideas could to be later transferred into the clss context. new educational scenarios. and this was what I did and I was right. I won a two-yer position and was mainly in charge of project work both at regional and International level. The new post allowed me to gain practice mainly in educational team work and I had the chance to meet a lot of professionalists that had all gained experience in multiple contexts besides the school one.

A particularly positive chance for my professional experience was the fact that I was in charge of an international project work that mainly dealt with the creation of experimental modules to be tested in an enlarged european Context. The project offered me the occasion to come into contact with some teachers that I will always remember for their high professional level and rewarding human approach that encouraged participation even in less expert participants to the project. I must really mention all the teachers from IRRE Veneto and naturally all the ones of the national and transnational project team and many more there is not enough space to mention here but all the same very cooperatiuve colleagues. Thank you to all of them!

When working at the General Direction you often cooperate with Technical Inspectors, figures that are hierarchically superior and who might sometimes inhibit you and make you feel unease or at least not so sefl-assured about your competence. Well, in my particular case, I must recognize it was not that easy at first, but after the first natural adaptation period I can say that the stimula I received from both of them provided many useful stimula for reflection, despite their different approaches. Also relevent from the pedagogical point-of-view were the ex General Director of USR FVG , the IRRE Veneto ex Secretary and many others among whom mention should be made to the Philosophy woman professor and researcher in J. S. Mill writings from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) and all the people I had the opportunity to work with during my Arion Study Visit which is more exhaustively commented in the area Scholarships.

All the above quoted people are, in a way or another active part of a transformation process I underwent from the moment when, despite having won a post for two further years at the General Direction, I found out that what I really liked was teaching and, in particular, teaching literature and literary texts, possibly in a project work option and that is why I decided I woul go back to school. But there is another teacher I would like to quote here for the effect and the stimula she was able to elicit, besides the information and training opportunities she to suggeted me in the area of The European Dimension, an objects of recent interest for me. I am referring to
Mrs. Nora Salvadori
Thank you Nora and good luck for your further ad-ventures!