SESSION III (5-20 December 2005)

The present sections offers a synthesis of SALS coursists' convictions about teacher's behaviour.
It sums up actions and attitudes considered un/suitable to enhance students' motivation to learn and low anxiety.
Considerations are useful to carry on reflection on actions and practices. If attention is payed to some relevant behaviours and attitudes on the part of the teacher, quality education may better be implemented. For example careful attention to students learning styles and the teaching of learning strategies suitable to the task/s may develop effective knowledge and competences thus reinforcing students'autonomy and self confidence.

Among many some recurrent voices occured in most coursists' individual reflection about what teachers should or should not do thus inviting them to focus on
  • the person
  • motivation
  • materials selection
  • style and strategies
  • feasibility
  • coherence between objectives and testing
  • students' different learning rythms and interests
  • teachers'attitudes
  • others
You are therefore invited to read the synthesis provided so that careful reflection may start or enriched by the aspects singled out in the linked document.

What a teacher should or should not do
Quello che un docente non dovrebbe fare